Services offered

  • Transcriptions

I can transcribe music from any recording and make a lead sheet or band arrangement of that song.
Singers- Have a favorite version of a song that you would like to sing with a band? I can transcribe it from a recording and provide you with a chart that sounds exactly like the original.  
Songwriters that don't read or write music- You give me an audio file of your original song and I will convert it into sheet music that you can pass out to a reading band and then perform it with minimal rehearsal time.

  • Arranging

I can take any song and arrange it for any size ensemble. 

  • Sequencing

I can create backing tracks for you to use if a band is not available.

If I do a chart for you, I can provide you with an audio file of the chart for you to practice with so you know the arrangement very well before you have to sing it with a band for the first time.

I can also make sequences with click tracks for a band to follow (using headphones) during live performances. This gives you the ability to have a audio conductor for charts with lots of difficult tempo changes. This greatly shortens your rehearsal time. It will also allow you to sync a live orchestra to a video you might want to use. Another good use for a sequence with a click track is to make a small orchestra sound bigger by adding more sounds - for example...a bigger horn section, strings, percussion & background vocals.

  • Composition

I provide you with original royalty-free music for your film, video, website, commercial, jingle, etc...